Is there a cure for Cf?

Not at present, but there is constant research to find better treatment for patients. Over the last 20 years along side medicine and treatment developments great advancements have been made with all aspects of care, the development of CF specialist teams and centre’s with greater understanding of this complex condition. This has resulted in improved quality of life and life expectancy.

More recently new drugs have been developed that help correct the chemical faults within CF cell. This allows better flow of sodium and chloride (salts) through the cell linings, this is not a cure but helps the body produce less sticky secretions, resulting in less chest symptoms, infections and lung damage. These high cost drugs are now available to patient within the United Kingdom. Unfortunately these drugs are not suitable for 10% of people with cystic fibrosis.

Research is also ongoing into gene therapy a treatment designed to replace or modify the faulty gene.


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